Regular Papers

  • Insecure Connection Bootstrapping in Cellular Networks: The Root of All Evil [slides]
    Syed Rafiul Hussain (Purdue University); Mitziu Echeverria (University of Iowa); Ankush Singla (Purdue University); Omar Chowdhury (University of Iowa); Elisa Bertino (Purdue University)
  • Drive Me Not: GPS Spoofing Detection via Cellular Network – (Architectures, Models, and Experiments) [slides]
    Gabriele Oligeri, Savio Sciancalepore, Omar Adel Ibrahim, and Roberto Di Pietro (Division of Information and Computing Technology (ICT) – College of Science and Engineering (CSE) – Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) – Doha, Qatar)
  • Digital Radio Signal Cancellation Attacks – An Experimental Evaluation
    Daniel Moser (ETH Zürich / armasuisse S+T); Vincent Lenders (armasuisse S+T); Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zürich)
  • Protecting Mobile Devices from Physical Memory Attacks with Targeted Encryption [slides]
    Le Guan (University of Georgia); Chen Cao and Sencun Zhu (Pennsylvania State University); Jingqiang Lin (Data Assurance and Communication Security Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Peng Liu (Pennsylvania State University); Yubin Xia (Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Bo Luo (University of Kansas)
  • deWristified: Handwriting Inference Using Wrist-Based Motion Sensors Revisited  [slides]
    Raveen Wijewickrama, Anindya Maiti, and Murtuza Jadliwala (University of Texas at San Antonio)
  • 2FA-PP: 2nd Factor Phishing Prevention [slides]
    Enis Ulqinaku, Daniele Lain, and Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Crowdsourced measurements for device fingerprinting
    Seth Andrews and Ryan M. Gerdes (Virginia Tech); Ming Li (University of Arizona)
  • Physical Layer Plausibility Checks for Misbehavior Detection in V2X Networks
    Steven So (Boston University); Jonathan Petit (OnBoard Security); David Starobinski (Boston University)
  • Characterizing Security and Privacy Practices in Emerging Digital Credit Applications [slides]
    Jasmine Bowers, Imani N. Sherman, Kevin R. Butler, and Patrick Traynor (University of Florida)
  • Clicktok: ClickFraud Detection using Traffic Timing Analysis [slides]
    Shishir Nagaraja and Ryan Shah (University of Strathclyde)
  • Indraj: Towards PKI for IoT – Certificate Enrollment for Battery-powered Wireless Devices [slides]
    Zhitao He (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden); Martin Furuhed (Technology Nexus Secured Business Solutions); Shahid Raza (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)
  • HomeSnitch: Behavior Transparency and Control for Smart Home IoT Devices [slides]
    TJ OConnor (North Carolina State University); Reham Mohamed and Markus Miettinen (TU Darmstadt); William Enck and Bradley Reaves (North Carolina State University); Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt)
  • Blinded and Confused: Uncovering Systemic Flaws in Device Telemetry for Smart-Home Internet of Thing (Best Paper Award) [slides]
    TJ OConnor, William Enck, and Bradley Reaves (North Carolina State University)
  • ARF: Identifying Re-Delegation Vulnerabilities in Android System Services [slides]
    Sigmund Albert Gorski III and William Enck (North Carolina State University)
  • Fatal Attraction: Identifying Mobile Devices Through Electromagnetic Emissions
    Beatrice Perez and Mirco Musolesi (University College London); Gianluca Stringhini (Boston University)
  • Scaling Pseudonymous Authentication for Large Mobile Systems [slides]
    Mohammad Khodaei, Hamid Noroozi, and Panos Papadimitratos (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
  • A Risk Assessment Approach for Secured Deployment of IoT Devices [slides]
    Noga Agmon, Asaf Shabtai, and Rami Puzis (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
  • Factors Driving Users to Use Unsecured Wi-Fi: Evidence in the Wild
    Nissy Sombatruang, Lucky Onwuzurike, and Angela Sasse (University College London); Michelle Baddeley (University of South Australia)
  • New vulnerabilities in 4G and 5G cellular access network protocols: exposing device capabilities
    Altaf Shaik (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany); Ravishankar Borgaonkar (SINTEF Digital, Norway); Shinjo Park and Jean-Pierre Seifert (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
  • Lost Traffic Encryption: Fingerprinting LTE/4G Traffic on Layer Two [slides]
    Katharina Kohls, David Rupprecht, and Thorsten Holz (Ruhr University Bochum); Christina Pöpper (New York University Abu Dhabi)
  • Thermal Covert Channel in Bluetooth Low Energy Networks [slides]
    Timothy Claeys and Franck Rousseau (University Grenoble Alps); Boris Simunovic (Grenoble INP); Bernard Tourancheau (University Grenoble Alps)

Short Papers

  • Inside Job: Diagnosing Bluetooth Lower Layers Using Off-the-Shelf Devices  [slides]
    Jiska Classen and Matthias Hollick (TU Darmstadt, Secure Mobile Networking Lab)
  • Hestia: Simple Least Privilege Network Policies for Smart Homes
    Sanket Goutam, William Enck, and Bradley Reaves (North Carolina State University)
  • Quantum Distance Bounding
    Aysajan Abidin (imec-COSIC KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • SurFi: Detecting Surveillance Camera Looping Attacks with Wi-Fi Channel State Information [slides]
    Nitya Lakshmanan, Inkyu Bang, Min Suk Kang, and Jun Han (National University of Singapore); Jong Taek Lee (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
  • LTE Security Disabled — Misconfiguration in Commercial Networks [slides]
    Merlin Chlos­ta, David Rupprecht, and Thorsten Holz (Ruhr University Bochum); Christina Pöpper (New York University Abu Dhabi)
  • Secrets in the Sky: On the State of Satellite Broadband from Infrastructure and Privacy Perspectives
    James Pavur (Oxford university); Daniel Moser (Armasuisse / ETH Zurich); Vincent Lenders (Armasuisse); Ivan Martinovic (Oxford university)

Opinion Papers

  • Opinion: Advancing Secure Remote Attestation via Automated Formal Verification of Designs and Synthesis of Executables [slides]
    Karim Eldefrawy (SRI International); Gene Tsudik (UC Irvine)
  • Opinion: Distance Bounding Under Different Assumptions
    David Gerault (NTU); Ioana Boureanu (University of Surrey)