Invited Talk: Raymond Almanon, Senior Technical Lead, Trend Micro

Title: The Need for Security in an IoT World

Abstract: Throughout the years, the consumer malware landscape keeps changing, and new detection techniques are being developed to cope with this ever-changing “Cyber Threat” landscape. From a simple trojan to a sneaky rootkit, we now deal with ransomware, mobile threats, device vulnerabilities and scams. The adoption of new technologies, plus the increasing number of IoT and mobile devices, has lead cyber threats to change and adapt to today’s home network environments and the growing IoT device market. This research aims to highlight the changes in the overall IoT environment, IoT and mobile devices, and the impacts to Smart Homes. What kind of threats would come along with these new devices and new technologies? How do you protect your device and make sure you’re home network and your data is safe? How can you protect Alexa, your smart TV or your IP camera from getting compromised? How can we address the ever-changing cyber threats that we encounter every day while we are at home chilling and watching Netflix?

Bio: Raymond has been in the cybersecurity industry for more than 12 years and has vast experience with consumer and small business threats — from rootkits, to ransomware, and now IoT threats. He uses his extensive knowledge to influence improvements on existing consumer security products and to create tools that benefit customers. He is very engaged with various international cybersecurity trainings and conferences. Raymond’s current research focus is in cybersecurity, IoT, and AI/machine learning. He is currently part of the technical leadership team building the Trend Micro Consumer Security Operations Center (SOC). Raymond’s passion is to help address evolving consumer threats that come with the advent of the IoT Era.