One full registration (i.e., a non-student registration) is required for each accepted paper by midnight  Eastern Time, April 8, 2019. When registering for a paper, please make sure you enter the paper ID in the Personal Information page.

Please use this link to complete your registration.

One unique author is to be registered as “Author” for each paper or poster, accepted for presentation and publication to be included in the ACM WiSec Conference proceedings. Please note that if you are an author, or co-author, on more than one accepted paper or poster, then each paper/poster must have one unique appropriate “Author” registration category to be accepted for conference presentation and publication in the ACM WiSec conference proceedings.

Registration Deadlines

  • Author Registration April 8, 2019
  • Registration for other conference/workshop attendees    April 15, 2019

Registration Fees

Early Registrations are through midnight EST, April 8, 2019. Any registrations received after this date and time are considered regular.

Full Conference Registration fee includes access to WiSec’19 sessions and the following meals:

  • Wednesday – Breakfast, Coffee Breaks (am/pm),Conference Banquet
  • Thursday – Breakfast,  Coffee Breaks (am/pm), and Poster/Demo Reception
  • Friday – Breakfast and Coffee Breaks (am/pm)

Registration fees are shown in US dollars (USD).

Workshop/Tutorial Registration includes access to only Workshop/Tutorials, Breakfast, and  Coffee Breaks (am/pm).

DEMOs/POSTERs registration includes same access as main conference registration but is only available to Demo/Poster authors.


Main Conference Registration Early Late (After 4/15/19)
Author or Co-Author Author ACM Member $750 $800
Author Non-ACM Member $850 $900
Regular (Non-author) Regular ACM Member $750 $800
Regular Non-ACM Member $850 $900
Student (Non-author) Student ACM member  $625 $650
Student Non-ACM member  $650 $675


DEMOs – POSTERs – Registration Early Late (After 4/15/19)
Regular (Author) Regular ACM Member   550 575
Regular Non-ACM Member   575 600
Student (Author)  Student ACM member  500 525
Student Non-ACM member   525 550


Workshop-Tutorial Registrations Early Late (After 4/15/19)
Regular Workshop/tutorial Regular ACM Member   $250 $275
Workshop/tutorial Regular Non-ACM Member   $275 $300
Student Workshop/tutorial Student ACM Member   $225 $250
Workshop/tutorial Student Non-ACM Member   $250 $275